Your unmistakable signature.

Your unique style. Your identity

Everywhere in the world.


Companie. Brands. Families. Your own identity.

Our goal is to make sure that every event of yours can speak of you, wherever you want to bring your guests in the world.

Perfumes, colors, ingredients, emotions, down to the smallest detail of style. Your brand or personal image will leave an unforgettable impression.

Always recognizable

Bee Flat is a bridge
made of taste and cosmopolitan experience
between two worlds

We go beyond what a
typical catering service would provide
in creating, in planning, in problem solving,
in respecting the environment.

Always with
positive attitutde, honesty, puntuality, reliability.

Who We Are

Floriana Cancelli

I am Floriana Cancelli, international chef, certified US Event Designer, and certified Ashtanga Yoga instructor.

Also my knowledge and creativity are devoted to curating unique experiences that nourish the body and soul.

Gianbattista cannoni
Corporate executive chef

I am Sardinian-born executive chef with a Michelin-starred and high-end Japanese restaurant background, bringing culinary mastery to Beeflat Events. Embracing a new challenge, I infuse diverse influences into exquisite culinary experiences.

Stefania Melina
Event and travel department

I am Venice native, former DMC CEO, and co-owner of Queen Bees LLC specializing in luxury events. I split my time between Venice, Paris, and Miami, with fifteen years dedicated to curating unique experiences.

Marco Comelli
Sales and operational department

I am a passionate traveler whose global exploration through trade shows has honed my expertise. Fueled by a legal background and a love for elegance, I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to crafting uniquely personalized events.

Lucia Ercole
F&B and operational department

I am passionate about food and beverage, I excel in customer interactions with empathy and professionalism. Committed to constant improvement, I bring a proactive approach to Beeflat, eager to contribute my best.

Lisa Aston
HR & Development department

I am Lisa Aston, a Qualified Organisational Development & HR Practitioner and Certified Coach.

I have a passion for developing people, creating seamless processes and building motivated, passionate and skilled teams.

Matteo Angeletti
F&B and operational department

I’m your go-to guide for all things bars and cocktails. With a dash of creativity in every pour, I craft a sippable experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the art of mixology with me!

Silvio Cadei
Pastry chef

I am a self-made pastry chef who has become an iconic figure in the Sebino Lake area, renowned for unique creations. Now partnering with Beeflat, I aspire to share my signature pastries with a global audience.

Enrico Nugnes

I am en experienced European chef passionate about blending tradition and creativity, known for attention to detail and culinary excellence, eager to bring expertise and passion to new culinary endeavors.

Vincenzo Germano
South of France logistic and development department

I am your dedicated logistics guide, embodying an exceptional human attitude and unwavering fidelity.

Whether it’s handling special requests or finding innovative solutions, my 25 years of experience within the Palais du Festival de Cannes events ensure that I am at your disposal for all your logistical needs.

Elisa Magni
Wellnes specialist

I am Elisa, the founder of this company, driven by a mission to transform lives through the Italian mentality of “il dolce far niente” Rooted in the commitment to staying present and enjoying life’s moments, Yogando Retreats aims to share the principles of Italian living, inspiring holistic health, fulfillment, and a zest for life with retreats led by top wellness leaders worldwide.

It takes experience to do the magic

What We Do

We have over 20 years of experience nousirishing the body and soul of our guests with extraordinarily designed events